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GED®Exam Course & Resume Creator !

Why Is Our Program the Best?

  • Learn To Quickly Pass GED ® Exam!
  • Create A Professional Resume!
  • Get a Job Interview Course!

About Your GED ® Exam Course
Resume Creator

See the results of how TestPrepSkills.com can help you! We first help you study for the GED ® Exam.  Then we then help you create a professional resume! The final step is you being able to start your new job! 

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60 lessons

All videos are hosted online and ready for you, 24/7.


80 hours

Over 80 hours of lessons for you to gain real knowledge!


1 New Resume

The power to change your life!

Pass Your GED ® Exam Today! Start Now!

  • Get Instant Access 24/7!
  • No Waiting! No Shipping!
  • Improve Your Test Scores!
  • Real Video Lessons! Real Help!
  • Iphone, Ipad, & Android compatible!
  • Create Your New Professional Resume!

$14 Once

Videos Only

  • Lifetime Site Access
  • Full GED Video Course
  • Self Resume Creator
  • Job Interview Course
  • Personal Resume Help

$19 Once

Self Study

  • Lifetime Site Access
  • Full GED Video Course
  • Self Resume Creator
  • Job Interview Course
  • Personal Resume Help

$69 Once

Personal Resume

  • Lifetime Site Access
  • Full GED Video Course
  • Self Resume Creator
  • Job Interview Course
  • Personal Resume Help

Frequently Asked Questions

What Lessons Can I Watch? (Click)
Of the 60 GED ® exam lessons we have for you. All parts of the ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science and Essay sections can be watched on your phone, tablet, or desktop!
What is the "Personal Tutor" help offered? (Click)

This option is the most expensive, but it offers a resume professional to look over your resume. This means a professional will review and fix the wording on your resume to sound more professional. The more help you get with your resume, the easier it will be to get hired at your new job!

What if I don't like the resume? (Click)
Once you complete all parts of the resume, you will be able to download your resume as a Word document; a DOCX file. We decided on this type of file so that you could change anything you like after you finish!
Can I Upgrade Later? (Click)
You absolutely can upgrade later if you like. You will just pay the difference in the program. And like always, you will have lifetime access to any updates or online videos!
What Kind of Resume Will I Get?(Click)

The resume creator will allow you to download a Word Document version of your resume. Your resume will be professionally designed to  get you hired!

What is your refund policy? (Click)

If you have *any* problems after 30 days. Please email us and we will promptly give you a refund. No questions asked. Our goal is to help bring people out of bad situations and help serve the community, not fight over a refund.

Can you get a GED ® Exam online? (Click)

You can only study for the exam online. You need to go to an official GED ® exam testing center to take the exam and get your certification.

What is your goal with this website? (Click)
Our goal is to help anyone who needs to study for their GED ® exam. We want anyone to study on their schedule, finish studying, get a resume and get a new job!

Immediate Benefits For You!


#1: Save Time

Learn what to specifically study and not study to easily pass!


#2: Create a Resume 

Create a professional resume that you can download and email


#3: Change Your Life

Lose all of your stress when it comes to getting a new job. We can help you!

Our Team

Ellie Daniels, TestPrepSkills Founder

Ellie has always been passionate about helping people reach their full potential. She thought that anyone who wants to pass their GED ® Exam should be able to pass it easily...and here we have TestPrepSkills.com

Casey Woods, Designer & Developer

Casey has always enjoyed teaching and he wanted to be able to reach more people in the United States. With over ten years of teaching experience, he helped design and create the entire GED ® Exam curriculum.

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